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Kazama Iroha(風真いろは)

Kazama Iroma (風真いろは/かざまいろは)

Secret Society holoX’s insurance policy.

Hailing from a remote mountainous area, she left her home behind and, along with her companion, set off on a journey to achieve her dream of seeing and learning more about the outside world.

Nowadays, she handles security detail and bodyguard missions for holoX, making enough money to get by.

hololive TALENTS Kazama Iroha
NameKazama Iroha(風真いろは)
Start「ござるー!ホロライブ6期生つよつよ用心棒 サムライの風真いろはでござるー!」
Gozaru! Hololive 6th gen, Tsuyotsuyo Youzinbou, Samurai Kazama Iroha, that it is!
Thank you again for your hard work today, that you did.
Meitou “Chaki Maru”
I met a raccoon dog on the road on my journey.
When he found out, he started following me.
It can transform into anything.
Emergency food in times of need.
KazamaIroha🍃hololive 6th gen
YouTubeIroha ch. 風真いろは – holoX –
Live tag#かざま修行中
Kazama shugyou chuu
Kazama undergoing training
FanArt tag#いろはにも絵を
cutout tag#かざまが斬る
Fan NameKazama tai (かざま隊)
Cazama Squadron
Fan mark🍃(leaf)
Position in the secret society holoX
Youjinbou (用心棒)
・independent production
・Exercise (swimming and winter sports)
Favorite food & drink・udon (thick Japanese wheat noodles)
・Vegetables (especially eggplants. I like to eat my vegetables raw.)
・sake (I like to drink slowly.)
Likes Anime & Manga・CardCaptors(CCさくら)
・Sword Art Online(ソードアートオンライン)
・SHAMAN KING(シャーマンキング)
・Demon Slayer(鬼滅の刃)
・Attack on Titan(進撃の巨人)
・Gakuen Alive(学園アリス)
・Fruits Basket(フルーツバスケット)
Likes game・FF14
・Ring Fit Adventure
・Gun Shooting Games(most recent “VALORANT”)※2021/11/30
・Free game
stamina・Running to the store 3km away to go shopping instead of the nearby store. When I buy eggs, I walk.【凸待ち】初配信ありがとうございました✨振り返り雑談6期生凸待ちやっていくでござるよ~~!【風真いろは/ホロライブ6期生】
・Insects. Especially moths.
What kind of activities do you do, that you do?◯Live Haishin
・Game Haishin
First game stream:【JUMP KING】クリアするまでFF14アーリーアクセス行けません😢追記※許してもらえて2時間で終了できました✨【風真いろは/ホロライブ6期生】
・Uta haishin
First singing stream:【歌枠】緊張!初歌枠でござる!🎵【風真いろは/ホロライブ6期生】
・Morning Haishin
First morning stream:【リングフィットアドベンチャー】土曜朝活🌟今日も今日とて鍛錬でござる🔥【風真いろは/ホロライブ6期生】
・Talk Haishin
First Talk stream:【朝活雑談】皆殿とお話しでござる✨来週のスケジュールとか決めながら🍃MorningTalk【風真いろは/ホロライブ6期生】
・ASMR haishin
First ASMR stream:【ASMR】はじめてのASMR🎵※初心者なので囁きから練習しますでござる【風真いろは/ホロライブ6期生】
・Kikaku Haishin
・Create Haishin
・Osakenomu Haishin(Drinking and talking.)

◯Live Haishin
・Uta video
・Kikaku Video
objective・Live in a group or solo! My dream is to perform at the Budokan!
・To create my own games and have the holomen play them!
・I want to be able to write songs!
・To collaborate with FF14!!!!

Kazama Iroha respects all creators very much, that she does.
etcNot “NinNin”,Yes “JakinJakin”!!


I met a raccoon dog on the road on my journey.
When he found out, he started following me.
It can transform into anything.
Emergency food in times of need.


Like Story

Souten no Ishugard!
I love the way Alphinaud Leveilleur is growing up!!

Like Charactor

Alphinaud!! Alize!!!


I’ll do anything.
It depends on the patch at the time.
(I was a summoner first. Longing for magic.)

About the members of the secret society holoX

General Lap-Dono (La+ Darknesss)

  • Very funny.
  • Great thinking!
  • I’ll play valorant with you.
  • Play Valorant together.
  • Pretty General!
  • Maybe she’s underestimating me?
  • I want her to eat her vegetables.
  • A baby, that is.

ラプラス・ダークネス プロフィール(La+ Japanese profile)

management Lui(Takane Lui)

  • She is a dependable executive.
  • She’s available for consultation.
  • She’ll give you the right advice.
  • Fellow warriors of light
  • Sometimes it’s clunky and cute.
  • Someone who can put together a holoX.

鷹嶺ルイ プロフィール(Takane Lui Japanese profile)

Doctor Koyochan(Hakui Koyori)

  • Like a older Sister!
  • So many ideas! The very brain of the organization.
  • She is a gentle coyote who says thank you for every little thing.
  • They’ll proceed with the discussion!

博衣こより プロフィール(Hakui Koyori Japanese profile)

sweeper:Sakamata(Sakamata Chloe)

  • I think she’s solid!
  • Great Tukkomi!
  • quick-witted! amazing!
  • She often says to Iroha, “Stay as you are.
  • She want to want Kazama to beaten her…..

沙花叉クロヱ プロフィール(Sakamata Chloe Japanese profile)

She broke her computer before she could make her debut.

Kazama Iroha broke her PC with less than a day to go before her first delivery. As a result, I lost more than 70% of my data, including what I had prepared for the first delivery.

Actually, it wasn’t the day before that it broke. She had kept the trouble a secret until after her friends’ debut, so as not to worry her holoX friends.【凸待ち】初配信ありがとうございました✨振り返り雑談6期生凸待ちやっていくでござるよ~~!【風真いろは/ホロライブ6期生】


design【Umibouzu うみぼうず】

Tantei ha mou Shindeiru(La detective está muerta)

Introduction by Iroha Kazama

In the anime, Fubuki-senpai and Matsuri-senpai also appeared in this divine work!
I hope you’ll check it out, that I do!
Uminbozu-dono has drawn many illustrations of his seniors.

Live2D【keffiy けっふぃー】


logo【nago ナゴ】


Mii【Amane Kanata 天音かなた】



Debut stream

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